Dwor Polski Excellent Polish Vodka (1 Case)

Dwor Polski Excellent Polish Vodka (1 Case)


12 x 1.0L

Product of Poland

In Poland, the production of vodka is a tradition that is many hundreds of years old. From here come vodkas that are so aromatic that they are increasingly asserting themselves on the international market. This includes Dwor Polsky Vodka, which is made from high quality grain and carefully distilled four times. After a meticulous production process, the alcohol content is at 96.7%. Following production, the distillate rests for 72 hours before crystal clear spring water is added.

Dwor Polsky Vodka is characterized by notes of gain, spicy facets, and a wonderful freshness that can only be found in traditional Polish vodkas. This noble taste is what gives Dwor Polski its name, because Dwor translated means castle. This vodka is designed for discriminating palates that demand an excellent vodka.